ryder cup


1. Background

Bellingham Golf Club is unique in that it hosts an annual Ryder Cup competition for its members, very similar in format to the real Ryder Cup. The two teams competing are the Centurions and the Reivers and the competition is played around the last week of August.

Prior to the inaugural Ryder Cup in 2010, a draw was done to allocate every member to either the Centurion side or the Reivers side. New members joining the golf club are allocated on an alternate basis to each side.

Over 10 years since its launch and it is still considered to be the best weekend of the summer season at Bellingham Golf Club.

2. The Weekend Format

The competition is played over a Saturday and Sunday and comprises 4 rounds of match play:

Round 1 is a Four Ball Better Ball competition (Saturday morning): 5 pairings from The Reivers against 5 pairings from The Centurions

Round 2 is a Greensomes competition (Saturday afternoon): 5 pairings from The Reivers against 5 pairings from The Centurions

Round 3 is a Four Ball Better Ball competition (Sunday morning): 5 pairings from The Reivers against 5 pairings from The Centurions

Round 4 is a Singles competition (Sunday afternoon): 12 singles from The Reivers against 12 singles from The Centurions

3. The Scoring System

Points are awarded as follows:

A match win gets ‘one’ point

A match halved gets ‘half’ a point

The maximum points available for each day are therefore:

Saturday Four Ball (5 matches) 5 points

Saturday Foursomes (5 matches) 5 Points

Sunday Four Ball (5 matches) 5 Points

Sunday Singles (12 matches) 12 points

A maximum of 27 points are available, so the winning team needs to reach 14. If numbers allow it, some years the pairings are 6 matches as opposed to 5. This bumps up the maximum available points to 30, and doing so the winning mark becomes 15.5. 

4. The Teams

Each team comprises 12 players who have either qualified automatically or who have been selected by the Captain ( a ‘Captain’s pick’).

Over the years each team has been represented by almost 50 golfers respectively, varying from experienced match-players to those still in their first membership season at Bellingham. The draw made each year throws up wonderful pairings, and all games are played in the highest of spirits.

5. How To Qualify

The golf club runs a Ryder Cup order of merit throughout the season for each team. Members gain Ryder Cup points for playing in handicapping competitions held on a Saturday and Sunday. Your Ryder Cup points are determined by the number of people who play in a competition and your finishing position in the competition.

After the last qualifying competition has been played in the season, the top 12 points scorers qualify automatically. These qualifiers are entitled to play in at least 2 of the 4 matches. The remainder of the team is selected by the captain (captain’s picks), which means some players can end up playing in all 4 matches if they so desire.

6. Results

2010 Centurions 16 – 14 Reivers

2011 Centurions 14.5 – 15.5 Reivers

2012 Centurions 18.5 – 11.5 Reivers

2013 Centurions 10.5 – 16.5 Reivers

2014 Centurions 9.5 – 17.5 Reivers

2015 Centurions 7.5  19.5 Reivers

2016 Centurions 12 – 15 Reivers

2017 Centurions 12.5 – 14.5 Reivers

2018 Centurions 13 – 14 Reivers

2019 Centurions 14.5 – 12.5 Reivers

2020 Centurions 12 – 18 Reivers

2021 Centurions 13 – 17 Reivers