Play Safe, Stay Safe

updated covid arrangements

The protocols on this page are effective from Monday 17th May following the latest guidelines published by England Golf.

After the Round from 17th May 2021;

Indoor social and hospitality areas may reopen (rule of six applies) and food and drink, including alcohol, may be served. Outdoor catering facilities may open, subject to a maximum of 30 people.

On busy days, please show consideration for other golfers by limiting table times to approximately 45 mins.


Bring Hand Sanitisers for your own use.

Wash/Sanitise your hands before and after golf.

Tee Times
All tee times must be pre booked on BRS before travelling to the Club. The names of all players in the group must be entered on BRS.
Car Park
Arrival – please try to arrive no more than 10 mins prior to your tee time to avoid too much waiting. Only leave or re-enter your car if adjacent cars are unattended – social distancing. Shoes to be changed in the car park.
Clubhouse Reception and QR Code
Opening Times 08.30– 18.00.
If your name has not been entered on BRS please log in to NHS app on your phone and scan the QR code in the clubhouse entrance hall. The main lounge will operate as an extended corridor, where golfers may enter through the main front door, and exit through the fire exit to minimise any unnecessary interactions and maintain social distancing. Golfers will have limited access to the bar area, by the small front portion where a screen is in place to allow the completion of any outstanding payments. Wearing a mask inside is mandatory. Golfers should refrain from entering the lounge unless they are making a payment or entering competition scorecards or purchasing drinks or packaged snacks to take away.
Locker Rooms
Available for access to toilets only. Hand sanitisers are available for use at main entrance and inside the lobby. For additional safety, where possible, members are advised to clear lockers for the time-being. Members are asked to use their own sanitisers as necessary.
One in one out – social distancing.
Putting Green
Maximum of 2 golfers on the green at any one time, reserved for those teeing off next – social distancing
Practice Range
Open-please use hand sanitiser installed on entry and exit to the range
Buggies For Hire
Buggies will be allowed, subject to the ground conditions being satisfactory. Members/visitors are permitted to use club (electric) buggies but buggies must be booked/reserved in advance. This will allow them to be positioned outside before play to minimise some of the risks involved. On completion of the round, members/visitors must leave the key in the buggy and in the car park where they collected it, allowing it to be thoroughly disinfected, and stored away securely through the night. These buggies will only be available to begin hire in the hours 09:00 – 14:00, to ensure they are returned before the clubhouse closes at 18.00. Buggies can only be used by one golfer unless the hire is by two golfers living in the same household, and the costs are as follows: (18 holes)

Member £10 single, £17 for two persons
Member 65 years or over, £5 single, £10 for two persons.
Visitor £13 single, £20 for two persons
Private Buggies
Use at buggy owners discretion. Clean before & after use.
Trolleys For Hire
Members/visitors can now ask for trolley handles before play for a charge of £3. We ask all members/visitors who’ve acquired a handle to leave it in the trolley outside to allow it to be fully disinfected and stored away safely.
Members are asked to strictly observe social distancing and cleanliness, reminding others, if necessary.  Also, to cautiously challenge any non-members on the course, particularly early morning and evening times.
Members, Guests, Visitors
Visitors are permitted to play Bellingham Golf Club, in 1,2,3 or 4 balls, providing the full payment is made online through the BRS link on the club website at

We are allocating a daily window of tee times bookable by visitors up to eight days in advance. The time window for visitors will be 9am-2pm on Tuesday Wednesday and Friday, 11.30am – 2pm on Monday, Thursday and Saturday and 11.00am to 12.00pm on Sunday.

Members are also able to book these tee times up to 15 days in advance. Members are also permitted to bringing one guest per day at the £10 member guest fee. Members may play with their guest at any time during the day.
Any payments for guests/buggies can now be made in the clubhouse, at the screens on the end of the bar, allowing for transactions to be completed in a socially responsible way. Where possible, we ask that all payments be made by card to avoid the handling of cash. Staff operating in the clubhouse and surrounding areas will wear gloves and masks at all times.
Daily staff will be operating essentially as front of house. As the clubhouse will only have golfers passing through without unnecessarily lingering, it is the duty of the staff to ensure all golfers play on time, buggies are handled and dealt with accordingly, and all other aspects of day to day golf operations are managed safely.
Men’s competitions are played from the White tees. Ladies competitions from the Red tees.

Competitions will follow the current fixture list set out on the website. Captains Drive in is scheduled for Good Friday 2nd April at noon and an 18 hole stableford for ladies and gents will run in conjunction.

Tee times for competitions must be booked on BRS prior to arriving at the Club to play.

Blank scorecards must be collected in the foyer

Members must be signed into the competition by a member of Club Staff in the lounge and pay entry money before teeing off in the competition.

To avoid using envelopes please pay all competition entries to club staff at the bar. Card payments for competitions are preferred, and for those unable to do so, we ask you to bring the correct amount of change. (£4 to £5 in change)

There should be no exchange of scorecards between players. Having collected a scorecard from the foyer, please fill in your playing partner’s name and handicap on the card. Fill in the scorecard as you play the round and on completion of the round verbally check with your playing partner that you each agree with the totals. Sign the card in the section for marker signature It is acceptable to complete the card with only the marker signature on. You must only handle your playing partner’s card – they will be completing your card.

Show the completed card to club staff at the bar and read the scores. Club staff will enter the score manually into the laptop without having to handle the card. Once the cards are checked over for signature, handicaps and score, players can then dispose of the cards into a bin by the bar.

Golfers who complete their competition round after 6pm should post signed scorecards into the BOX next to the Clubhouse door. These cards will be gathered the next morning.

We urge members to please use the hand sanitizers whenever possible. Club Staff will be handling all cash.
Start Tee
Always start at the 1st tee.
Bring your own, take any rubbish home with you.
No Sharing
Keep to your own food, refreshments, tees, balls…
Ball Washers and Rubbish Bins
Out of action, empty and covered.
No Bunker Rakes
England Golf allows golfers to take preferred lies in bunkers – 6 inch distance. This enables club competitions to function for handicap purposes. Please smooth the sand with your feet on leaving the bunker – not before playing your shot.
Do not touch or remove from hole.
Plastic insert will stop your ball from going to bottom of the hole.
Lost Balls
One player to look, keep to 3 minute rule – social distancing.
Completion of Round
Move away from the 18th green quickly and exit the site.

No social gatherings / groups: maintain social distancing at all times.